Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So, how to start enhancing myself? Where to get binaural music?

Well, it is quite easy!
Although you will need some soft to create binaural beats.

Here is the site of BrainWave Generator where you can get this nice program, that will allow you to generate binaural beats. It has quite a number of ready patterns for instant use!

There is also nice program of Russian origin called Mozgoprav, but, as I said, it is on Russian language only.

I have heard that it was possible to make different tones in left and right earphones manually with some program like GoldWave (early versions only). You may try to find them.

So, I am using BrainWave Generator to create some long binaural beat track for different purposes - to be relaxed, allert or to increase learning ability. 
Then I use WaveLab to add some background music and voila! 
The track is ready!
Put on headphones (or earphones - speakers can not help you!) and here we go!
Remember that you have to try to be as close to the desired state as possible - that will assure really great results!!

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